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A full-time job and life responsibilities don’t leave much time for studying – we get it. That’s why our Virtual learning via online programs are designed to let you fit university/Higher education into your life. ​With Unlimited courses in a variety of subject areas, we’re sure to have something that meets your needs – and our online courses will always fit your target and schedule.

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Below Courses admission fees are indicative for reference and guidance only. Exact annual enrolment fees is subject to changes by the relevant institute. An updated fees structure shall be issued by the relevant institute prior admission.

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The first time you take a Canada-USTM course or apply to a Canada-USTM program, you’ll also pay a one-time, non-refundable application fee. You won’t have to pay this fee again, no matter how many courses you take, or how long you wait between courses.

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Understanding how your fees and tuition are calculated is important to make sure you stay within your budget and make informed decisions when choosing, adding, or dropping courses. The academic fees are calculated differently for undergraduate and graduate students and will also vary depending on where you live while studying course choice, and other individual circumstances.

​Make sure to understand the details of all tuition and fees that apply to your choice of program – if in doubt, please feel free to contact Canada-USTM’s administrators for clarification.

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After selecting your program and/or individual courses, you will be required to complete tuition payments in order to finalize your registration and begin your online studies. You must pay all fees in full when you apply as a student.

Business Administration in International Trading Diploma Program

71 weeks - Total hours: 1,300 Theory:1,100 hours - Internship: 200 hours

Successful graduates of this program are fully prepared for careers in international trade. Having learned business and accounting fundamentals, combined with their internship experience, graduates will be ready for a number of careers, including exporter, importer, purchasing agent, inventory planner and more positions, which are employed in banks, government agencies and other lines of business.

Business in the Digital Era Post-Graduate Diploma Program

49 weeks - Total hours: 980 Theory:780 hours - Internship: 200 hours

Successful graduates of this program are fully prepared for careers in international trade. Having learned business and accounting fundamentals, combined with their internship experience, graduates will be ready for a number of careers, including exporter, importer, purchasing agent, inventory planner and more positions, which are employed in banks, government agencies and other lines of business.

Clinical Research Post-Graduate Diploma Program

46 weeks - Total hours: 920 Theory: 680 hours - Internship: 240 hours

Designed for a diverse range of students, from STEM (Science, Technology,Engineering, and Math) graduates to health care professionals, this program trains in the theoretical and practical understanding of clinical research. By learning how to generate hypotheses, apply quality standards, address ethical challenges, and comply with regulations and guidelines, graduates increase their opportunities for employment and career advancement. Work can be found in institutions such as research organizations and the pharmaceutical industry.

Computer System and Network Specialist Diploma Program

33 weeks - Total hours: 600 Theory: 600 hours

Upon graduation, students will be able to design and implement network infrastructure for businesses based on a variety of platforms and technical and commercial requirements. Graduates will possess the skills and knowledge required to obtain entry-level employment in computer network support, network installation, network administration, network design and integration.

Computerized Accounting and Payroll Diploma Program

43 weeks - Total hours: 900 Theory: 700 hours - Internship: 200 hours

Accounting skills are in demand in many industries, not just the financial sector alone. This program prepares students for a career in general accounting, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cost accounting, computerized accounting and tax preparation. Upon graduation, students will have working knowledge of current accounting computer applications, including QuickBooks and Simply Accounting.

Cyber Security and Cloud Computing Post-Graduate Diploma Program

97 weeks - Total hours: 1,820 Theory: 1,620 hours - Internship:200 hours

Upon graduation, students have working knowledge of cyber security, the Linux Operating System, Virtual Networks (Hyper V & VM Ware), Cloud and Technologies, CISCO Networking & Security and SQL Database Concepts. Graduates typically find entry-level employment in computer network support positions, network installation, network administration, network design and integration.

Early Childhood Assistant Diploma Program

41 weeks - Total hours: 1,000 Theory: 520 hours - Internship: 480 hours

There is increasing demand in the industry for qualified individuals who have completed formal training such as that offered in this diploma program. Career opportunities exist in childcare centers, kindergartens, nursery schools and centers for exceptional children, Montessori Schools and early learning centers. 

English Preparation Program

12 weeks - Total hours: 240

Students who advance and improve their English language skills prior to commencing their studies are able to thrive in the professional diploma programs offered at Evergreen College. That’s why we created the English Preparation Program (EPP), which supports the learning needs of intermediate-level students of English. The course curriculum focuses on advanced English speaking, listening, reading and writing so that students can succeed in their professional goals. The course materials also incorporate the demands of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) to allow students to achieve certification in an internationally recognized system.

Food Service Worker Diploma Program

12 weeks - Total hours: 300 Theory: 140 hours - Internship: 160 hours

This program uses a combination of classroom teachings and practical, hands-on training to train students in communication and customer service, nutrition in healthcare, food safety, sanitation, preparation, and more. These essential skills prepare graduates for work in various institutions such as nursing homes, retirement homes, and commercial kitchens.

Hospitality Management Diploma Program

88 weeks - Total hours: 1,640 Theory: 820 hours - Internship: 820 hours

Imagine a career that welcomes you to work at luxury hotel, resort, restaurant, tourist attraction, club, cruise line and so much more. Graduates of this program are prepared to hold supervisory roles within the hospitality industry where they plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate operations. The growing hospitality industry continues to see a demand for high-skilled, people-oriented professionals.

Hospitality Operations Diploma Program

55 weeks - Total hours: 1,040 Theory: 560 hours - Internship: 480 hours

Graduates of this program can expect to be employed by hotels, motels, resorts, student residences, food and beverage facilities, and other accommodation establishments, or they may be self-employed. The Hospitality Operations program is the perfect starting point for anyone interested in exploring the hospitality industry. After successful completion of the Hospitality Operations program, students wanting to further complete Evergreen College’s Hospitality Management program will only need to complete one more year of study.

Medical Office Administrator Diploma Program

32 weeks - Total hours: 675 Theory: 475 hours - Internship: 200 hours

Graduating students will be equipped with the business, technology and communications skills needed to work in a private physician’s office, single or multi-specialty clinic, or hospital setting. Typical job titles in this field include Medical Office Assistant, Medical Office Administrator, Medical Secretary, Medical Stenographer, Medical Billing Specialists, Secretary Ward and Medical Transcriptionist.

Network Systems Engineer Post-Graduate Diploma Program

Total hours: 880 Theory: 680 hours - Internship: 200 hours

Upon graduation, students will be able to design and implement physical and logical infrastructure for business solutions based on different platforms and technical and commercial requirements. Graduates will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to obtain employment in computer network support, network installation, exchange server administration Linux administration, network and system administration, network design and integration.

Personal Support Worker Certificate Program

31 weeks - Total hours: 700 Theory: 390 hours - Internship: 310 hours

PSWs are employed in long-term care facilities, home care settings, retirement homes, supportive housing, group homes, adult day programs, hospitals and educational facilities. The PSW Diploma Program at Evergreen College is aligned with the National Association of Career College’s (NACC) curriculum in order to prepare students with a wide-ranging skillset that equips them to provide a comfortable and safe living environment for the individuals in their care.

Empower Your Skills In
  1. Manufacturing Systems (I)

  2. Manufacturing Systems (II)

  3. Material Science and Engineering

  4. Robotics 

  5. Cad-Cam/CNC Computerized Numerically Controlled Machines Programming

  6. Advance Manufacturing / Tooling and Technology.

  7. Applied/Proven Technologies

  8. Technology innovations for Sustainable Development

  9. Technology Evaluation for Global Development

  10. Introduction to Project Management

  11. Project Management of Engineering Projects

  12. Introduction to Running Pipe in Oil and Gas wells

  13. Mechanical Behaviour of materials – Part:2

  14. Electric Program Development

  15. Civil Construction & Project Control

  16. Energy Within Environmental

  17. Supply Chain Fundamentals

  18. Supply Chain Technology & amp Systems

  19. Supply Chain management & amp Procurement

  20. Supply Chain Design

  21. Supply Chain for Manufacturing (1)

  22. Procurements Process

  23. Quality management and Quality Assurance – QA

  24. Manufacturing process Control (II)

  25. Lean manufacturing/Production

  26. Quality Control and Quality Assurance Programs

  27. Six Sigma: Define & amp Measure

  28. Six Sigma: Analysis, Improve, Control

  29. Six Sigma Yellow-Green-Black Belt Quality Control and Assurance Program.

  1. Global Sustainable Energy Management (Solar, Wind Energies, and Alternative Energy) Professional Diploma

    • Solar Energy

    • Solar Energy integration of Photovoltaic System

    • Solar Energy Heating System

    • Wind mills Farms

  2. Waste Management and Critical Raw Materials

  3. Industrial Bio-technology

  1. Occupational Health, Safety and Environment.

  2. Design of Fire Extinguishing System

  3. Design of Detection & amp Alarm System

  4. Hazard Identification (HAZID)

  5. Risk Assessment

  6. Hazard & amp Operability (HAZOP)

  7. Safety Integrity System (SIL)

  8. Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA)

  9. Project HSE Review (PHSER)

  10. Health , Safety and Environmental Critical System (HSECES)

  11. Hazardous Area Classification Schedule (HAC) Computer Professional

  12. Data base Modeling, Design, implementation Documental, SQL.

  13. CISSP (Certified Information System Security Professional)

Business & Managements
  1. Business Administration & amp Management amp Counselling.

  2. Business Administration & amp Counselling.

  3. Introduction to investments

  4. The value of business models

  5. How to Design a successful business

  6. How to revolutionize your business

  7. Business Model Implementation

  8. Team work & amp Collaboration

  9. People Management

  10. Business Model Testing

Other Areas of interest
Business & Management
  1. Infection Control System & amp Preventive Nursing

  2. Critical and Geriatric Nursing

  3. Rehabilitation Nursing Services

  4. Dental Nursing Practice, Policy & amp Procedure

  5. Hospital Management Programs

  6. Medical Programs, Practical Nursing & amp Viral Infection Control

Check Program Availability in Distance Learning
  • Business administration,         

  • Science and Technology for international students.

  • Nursing and Medical Assistance

Applied Science 
(1 Year Certificate)
  • Technology Fundamentals 

  • Laser & Plasma Technology 

  • CNC Machining – Operation & Control     

  • Water Jet Cutting & Tooling 

  • Environmental Technician 

  • Mechanical Engineering Technician

Applied Health & Humanities and Community Studies
(1 Year Certificate)
  • Animal Care

  • Personal Support Workers

  • Community Pharmacy Assistant