About Us

We are a diverse community with the freedom and courage to challenge, to question and to think differently.

Who we are

Our Mission

Canada-USTM is  committed to develop and offer quality education programs in collaboration with Canadian and International Institutions offering educational opportunities to learner and professionals to  meet  community needs.

Providing excellence in education and training services tailored to fit the growing technology, science and management developments.

We empower you with the knowledge, tools and  opportunities for skills’ development essential for today’s competitive job market.

Our Mandate

This mandate statement has been developed by The Board of Directors of Canada-USTM in consultation with the Universities and Community Colleges Experts in Advanced Education. Our Mandate to be a universal leader in modern learning at distance for Sciences education, Transfer of Technology worldwide and the primary provider of knowhow and Knowledge as opportunity to professional and skill improvement in Science and Technology best practice.

Committed to provide access to Modern Canadian Education and digitally enabled lifelong learning, Canada-USTM (est. Nov. 2022) is Canada’s public and network Intensive Corporation offering fully accredited learning programs offered by Academic Canadian Institutions via twining and or online virtual System internationally

Canada-USTM bridges the learning, scholarship, and research environments to transform the social, economic, and environmental wellness of international students and professionals, their communities, and their places of work around the globe.  

The Canada-USTM’s learning strategy for Coordinating the submittal process, enrolment documentation get approvals and acceptance of the programs, facilitate the educational process requirement, liaise and relate the accepted students to corresponding Canadian Institute, and, manage the program and exams results, progress, awarding and submitting the degrees. coupled with the Cooperation agreement set and signed with affiliated Institute that is responsible for marketing, promoting the assigned Canadian educational programs and Scientific Degrees in addition to the Subscriptions and transfer the corresponding fees for individual students to Canada-USTM or directly to Canadian institute as per set agreements enable learners from all walks and stages of life to transform their own lives and their communities through higher learning. 

Canada-USTM  in association with Canadian affiliated institutes offer  credit learning experiences that lead to professional, undergraduate, masters, and doctoral credentials across an ever-evolving and comprehensive spectrum of disciplines. 

As a universal  player  in digitally enabled and distributed  learning, the Academy  interactive and keeps lifelong connection to international institutes where they continuously innovating in learning models, course design  and educational technology applications.  

Canada–USTM assists and support international affiliates to demonstrate excellence in research and, the enhancement of academic programs, the education of learners, and the betterment of communities. Canada–USTM academic and operational team members help as well to transform the communities through service leadership in numerous public, not-for-profit, social, and professional environments. 


  • Provide support and Liaise Canadian Educational, professional institutes and emerging Technologies to International Educational organizations that allows developments of Students and professional integrates with market needs and leaning opportunities worldwide including Egypt.


  • Offer the state of the art and revolutionary approach to teaching Science and Technology at distance and learning online through networked Institutions which focus on a specific Topics for professional Development.  


  • Coordinate and Manage agreements for Educational Associate’s Requirements in cooperation with corresponding Canadian learning institutions and resources from admission to graduation and supervise awarded  Certificates, diplomas, and/or B.Sc., Master and Ph.D. degrees in various disciplines:

Ph D, MSC, BSC, P Eng, ASME, KSE, ESE Advanced Manufacturing, Material Science & Forming / Sustainable Technologies / Environmnetal projects [email protected]

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Elbestawi

Ph D, M. Eng, BSC, P Eng, F CAE, FCIRP, FASME, FCSME, Manufacturing Engineering, Additive Manufacturing, Machining Systems, Computer Aided Manufacturing [email protected]

Eng. Fayek Girgis

[email protected] Mechanical Engineering

BSC, P Eng, ITIL, PMP, ESE, Communication & Electrical Engineering, Information Technology Infrastructure & Operations & Security [email protected]

Prof. Dr. Mostafa Kamel

PhD, MSC, BSC, Mechanical & Aeronautic Engineering, Technology Development, Information Technology, Project Analysis & Evaluation, Planning, USAID Chemonics [email protected]

Prof. Dr. Doaa Mohsen

PhD, MBS, BSC business management consultant, transformation & Change management & Project Management [email protected]

Prof. Dr. Seham Nooreldeen

PhD, MSC, BSC, Bio chemistry, ICA equivalency, PMP, clinical research & viral control [email protected]

Mr. Mohamed Alkuwari

[email protected] Quality Assurance

Dr. Mohamed Kafafy

President of Global University of Science & Technology (GUST.education), World Green Economy Council (WGECO.org) Chief Consultant of Energy & Sustainable Development - WFDP United Nations [email protected] Green Economy & Environment

Eng. David Shenouda

BSC, Civil Eng, MSC, Computer science information system database modelling, design & implementation, SQL , Hands On Application Development [email protected]


PhD, P Eng, IEEE, Electrical Engineering, Electrical program development & computer engineering & NANO technology

Eng. Saad Ataya

BSC Mechanical - Production Engineer - Material & Safety Trainer [email protected]

Eng. Ahmed Rames Sobhi

Environmental - Chemical Engineer - Occupational Health & Safety [email protected]

Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 12.21.54 PM
Dr. Ismail Tag

PhD, MSC, BSC, Mechanical - Power Engineering [email protected]

Eng. Amany El Ashri BSC, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Six Sigma (Yellow/Green & Black belt) IATF/ISO 9001 lead auditor [email protected]

Eng. Mohamed Fetaih

BSC Mechanical - Production Engineer Supply Chain Management, Procurement, PMP, [email protected]

Eng. Mariam Fayek

BSC Civil Engineer, Construction & Building Services, PMP, Scheduler & Lead Green Associate MariamFayek@hotmail .com

Mrs Alaa Ahmed

BSC Science, MSC Early Child Education [email protected]

Experienced executive and project management consultant overseeing Engineering Mega Projects, ensuring regulatory compliance, and excelling in telecommunications network construction. [email protected]

Dr Adel Fahmy Mohamed

Corrosion, Health & Safety & Environmental expert - Oil & Gas Approved Environmental Consultant [email protected]

Mr. Alaaeldin Awad

President Evergreen College, Canada